Are we speaking the same language?

Yesterday I was asked to record an outgoing voicemail message for a business. He’d prefer to have a female voice. No big deal, I’ve done it for him before. I tell him to email me a script and tell me the PIN number he uses to access his voicemail.

He writes back wanting to know how to find his PIN number. I tell him that it’s the number he uses to access his voicemail, maybe he can look it up on his account online. He has Vonage. He doesn’t find it and he gives me his Vonage userid and password.

Vonage does not show the PIN number in the online account, but it does allow changes online. I change the PIN to a number I know he can remember. I call in, access his voicemail and change the outgoing message. I also email him to tell him that I had to change the PIN and tell him what is (I don’t write out the numbers, I tell him what the numbers are, like “your birth year”)

Today he calls. He says that outgoing message “sounds great!” He can’t check his voicemail and is wondering if there is a problem. I ask if he means online, but he tells me he means by the phone.

“I used the same code I always do, but it won’t work.”

“I had to change the PIN, I sent you an email about it.”

“Oh yeah. Oh, is THAT the number you meant?”

“Yeah…” I tell him the new number but I say it by number this time.

“Oh hey! That’s a great number. It’s (the year I was born) it will be easy to remember!”

Yay me.

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