Cold (bland) Turkey

I haven’t been feeling very well, physically. I am extremely busy right now, and very distracted by all the crap going on. When that happens I often forget to take even halfway decent care of myself. I need a chance to reset.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be cutting out:

  • caffeine
  • all sweets (fake or real sugar)
  • wine (because of the sugar content)
  • carbonated beverages (even unsweetened)

I will also be cutting way back on sodium.

I do this every once in a while when I just feel that my body, my needs, and my cravings have gotten out of whack. It usually takes between 2 weeks and 5 weeks for me to perform a reset. Basically as soon as the thought “I really need a cup of coffee” isn’t coming up all the time, I’ll try a cup of coffee. If that one taste triggers me to start desperately wanting coffee, then I know it hasn’t been long enough and I wait another week.

At some point things go back to what I consider normal and I can, for instance, eat a sweet thing and think, “Oh, that is really good,” and feel completely satisfied, instead of thinking “Give me MORE, right NOW.” Usually some items can be added back before others.

Also I need to make a concerted effort to take my meds as scheduled each and every day. I am way behind on my blood tests and there is no point going in if I have not managed to keep things regular for a decent amount of time before the test, the results won’t be accurate enough to be worth the bother.

I am not posting this because I particularly expect any of you to give a shit, it is something I am doing for myself. It is just sort of a warning because the first couple of days I am usually in an extra foul mood. Also a warning to those who eat with me regularly, because I get somewhat boring food wise for a few weeks, the cutting back on sodium has the most impact because I have to be really careful about restaurant foods.

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