Indy found her inner husky, but now it’s coming out in clumps

Indy is a rescue dog. She is at the very least a husky/shepherd mix, and might have some other stuff thrown in. She has a GSD nose, stance and coloration, and a husky coat and tail.

She was a So Cal dog and has always hated rain and wetness. Also, she is getting older and has arthritis, so I was pretty concerned about this move to MN where she was concerned. So concerned, that I actually considered whether I should try to find her a place to stay in So Cal, even though it would mean breaking up our family.

She absolutely THRIVED in the MN winter though. She has loved it. It took years off of her. She even lost some of the gray from her coat. It has been so fun to see her running around in the snow, a cute ball of puff.

Now however? She is not a cute ball of puff. She is a mess. She is blowing her coat so much worse than she ever has before. It is just… o.O

She is embarrassing.

London is barely tufting at all so far.

When a double coated dog is blowing their coat, people who are unfamiliar with this process will ask what is wrong with the dog.

This year, Indy is blowing so much more fur than usual that WE keep asking what is wrong with the dog.

Poor Indy.

Poor us.

There is finally an end in sight, as more of her body is summer coat than winter right now. She looks so much smaller than she did a month ago it is crazy.

I knew she had really packed on an impressive winter coat this year, but… I had not realized just how much of a difference it was.

The house is disgusting. We can’t keep up with it. Plus her undercoat is black, and the carpet is cream.

Anyhow, things have warmed up enough that I am doing night walks again. I prefer this since that way we don’t run into other people out walking their dogs.

It is still staying below freezing on many days, but there are also many days above freezing.

Also? Our back door locks again. When it got really cold, the whole back portion of the house shifted and the storm door and door quit lining up properly with the jam. The storm door still can’t lock, and the door latch still doesn’t line up, but the deadbolt can be forced closed again as of last night. This is exciting to me. The kitchen table is still wobbly (this also happened with the cold weather and the shifting of the house), but I am hoping it will improve soon too.

Also also? I still am sucking at sleeping.

Indy, when she was cute –


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