My Grandfather

He is more coherent and has better motor control, so they are keeping him at home for now. This is good news. Unfortunately my grandmother has come down with the flu, which is always a risk for somebody at her age and health level. Plus my aunt also has it, and is the primary care provider for both of them. Definitely a rough week in that house.

I am still so pissed about the lack of what I consider decent medical care. Unfortunately, like the major airports, the nearest major hospital (and any significant second opinion) is also a 4-5 hour drive away.

For the moment things are not dire, but it is clear that I really need to move up a visit on my priority list, if I want to make a real attempt to get in another visit where he knows who I am, and I do.

must concentrate on getting my taxes done. I need that off the table so I have some flexibility.

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