One Down, Two to Go

Darby has gone home.

Her mom came by to pick her up, appropriately armed with a crate that is almost too small for Darby. Still completely suitable currently, but seriously, Darby will outgrow it so fast. This is really a big deal to me because it is the same size crate I used to keep all three of the puppies in together! Wow.

First we did paperwork, and I told her all about the feeding schedule and amounts, and sleeping schedule. I don’t expect them to keep the same schedule, but just so that they can make a smooth transition. She asked a lot of questions, both about current things, and about how Darby came to live with me to start with.

Then it was time to bring Darby down and hand her over. I came around the corner with Darby and the woman’s eyes lit up with joy. She took Darby in her arms and quietly told her, “I love you already.”

Darby greeting her new mom.

We put Darby’s first collar on her, a pretty pink collar hand-me-down from her new sister, a Cavalier, who has outgrown it. I had to make it smaller so it would fit, but I know Darby will outgrow it rapidly too.

I was thanked very warmly for taking such good care of her and raising such a wonderful puppy. I was hugged tightly. I was told to call any time, and that I was welcome to visit Darby at their home.

Maybe I will.

And Then There Were None
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