Weclome to

Welcome to my new blog… and my old blog… and my really old blog. By which I mean, I decided to get my own domain name and host my own blog.  I host tons of shit for other people, including blogs, but have never hosted my own blog.  I figured, for various reasons, it was time.  I imported my old wordpress blog here, so I have those old posts.  I’ve also been slowly moving selected... read more

Why Blog?

I keep asking myself that question.  I’ve typed it into google too, to see why other people do.  I don’t really give a shit why other people do, but I was interested in reading it to see if anything they said sparked anything in me.  It didn’t. I understand the value in writing things out.  I am very textual.  Writing helps me think.  Writing helps me remember.  Writing helps me... read more

Welcome, Maybe

So, this is possibly one of my new homes on the web. Yes.  New, even though there are posts already here.  I’ve been blogging online for years now, but not on wordpress. I decided to move over a select few posts from the past.  Most of the old posts, I just left where they were.  I decided where I was wasn’t working for me. I don’t know if it will work here either. However, I am here,... read more