I like dogs better than I like people

Both foster puppies have gone to their forever homes.  This was a huge amount of work, for multiple reasons.  Mainly I realize how bad I am at the people side of rescue.  As a rabid introvert, needing to answer so many emails, do so much marketing, and meet so many people, in order to find them the right home, was just EXHAUSTING.  I’d finish the end of each day and just collapse into bed, and... read more

One Down, Two to Go

Darby has gone home. Her mom came by to pick her up, appropriately armed with a crate that is almost too small for Darby. Still completely suitable currently, but seriously, Darby will outgrow it so fast. This is really a big deal to me because it is the same size crate I used to keep all three of the puppies in together! Wow. First we did paperwork, and I told her all about the feeding schedule and... read more