I’m Living

Today in the car my daughter and I were discussing an assignment she needs to do, a series of photos based around poem or book, with a theme of “family”. I told her, “Oh, you could do that famous children’s book.” “I don’t know which book you mean,” she replied. I couldn’t respond because I had burst into tears. Okay… so THAT was stable. I pulled... read more

Made it to Minneapolis

So much left to do, but at least I am not sleeping in a RV tonight. Also, the heat in the house works. All pets appear to have survived the trip. Teen has survived the trip, barely. I… Well, I’m still typing. A bit horrified to discover that Michael Crichton died of cancer while I was out of touch. I mean I am sad to find out that he died, but horrified that it didn’t qualify as a <a... read more