Dumb Phone Update

So, it has been quite a while since you have heard from me. I’ve got a lot going on, but I’ve been having a difficult time typing any of it out. Anyhow, here is a quick one, partly because somebody asked recently what happened with the experiment where I gave up my smart phone for a month. I am into my tenth month without a smart phone. Some people see that as a success, but most of my very... read more

Ways to annoy your teen #143953

Teen: Can you get out the milk? Me: *gets milk out of the fridge and holds it up for teen to see* Yes. *puts milk back in fridge* Teen: *makes disgusted noise* read more

it takes a village

Today we left the house. *shudder* We were driving along and passed a street called Friendship Village Rd. kid: Do you want to go to Friendship Village? me: No. kid: But it sounds nice and friendly. me: I want to visit Mind Your Own Fucking Business Village. kid: THAT really wouldn’t be a “village” then. me: Mind your own business. kid: *silence* read more

My Maternal Instincts

I do not feel great. Sinus Pressure Achy Icky *sigh* Kid also does not feel great. Kid shuffles over to me, looking sleepy and puffy and blah. kid: Am I hot? me: I’m not sure. There’s a website. We could post a photo and let people vote. kid: *gives me a look* No. me: *feels kid’s forehead* No. You seem normal. kid: I feel hot. me: You sure about the photo? kid: Please, no. me: hrmph Even... read more


I went out to breakfast by myself this morning. I normally try to avoid paying too much attention to what other people are talking about, because I prefer to pretend I am alone in the world after some sort of armageddon, but I do not always succeed in this fantasy. A teenage boy and his father sat at the table right next to mine. The boy looked to be about 16, and something about the way he phrased things... read more

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