What’s Cooking?

One of my many happy things about being back in the Los Angeles area, is the food. I missed the restaurants, but I also missed the produce and the ethnic markets fiercely. Lately I’ve been enjoying garden bounty: Squash from one person with an overflowing garden. Lemons from another with heavy trees. Tomatoes from a friend who is growing more than her household will eat. It is such a wonderful thing.... read more

I haven’t made many food posts lately

I have been cooking lately, but it hasn’t been particularly fulfilling. I’m glad to eat at home more often than we eat out, because it is better for us where both our budget and our health is concerned. However, a lot of the enjoyment I usually get from cooking has been missing. My kitchen is not at all what I would like. I still haven’t gotten the hang of the stove. It doesn’t heat... read more