Sonic Drive-In – Tiresome Useless “Apology”

District Manager Joe called and left me a message. He would like me to call back.  I don’t know that I will, because I really have nothing to gain from calling back. He sort of apologized. He said the words “I apologize,” however the content of the apology was basically a non-apology. He agrees they were incorrect to not give me the deal, but basically still thinks I was wrong to expect... read more

Sonic Sign

Somebody asked for a better view of the sign.   read more

Sonic Drive-In – False Advertising with Bad Customer Service on the Side

Today my daughter asked to go to Sonic Drive-In to get one of their drinks.  I don’t eat a lot of fast food, but I do admit to really enjoying Sonic’s drinks. Most places, even if they do offer some kind of lemon or lime flavored treat, it is horribly sweet.  Sonic gets it right, and the lime slush as a real pucker factor to it. We’d been having a nice day, and it seemed like a treat... read more

Lenovo Sucks

On May 23rd I ordered a new laptop from, while I had been planning to get something cheaper, a good sale on the Ideapad Y550 was available, and Lenovo had a good reputation and reviews and I decided to go ahead and spend a bit more to get this system instead of a lower end laptop I was looking at elsewhere, that was cheaper, but not as powerful. The computer shipped far earlier than estimated... read more

Northwest Airlines/Delta

MSP is a major hub for NWA, so we use them more than we have for a long time. Many years ago, I liked them fairly well, but not so much these days. Now, I do prefer them to Sun Country, which is a locally based airline. In a world where I hate to fly, and I think customer service has plummeted in general, airlines have taken a really spectacular nose dive in my book. Actually, I guess it has been a ... read more

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