Open Letter: Neighbor Edition

Dear Neighbors, Hi. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve moved into your neighborhood. For one thing there was the whole giant moving truck thing. For another a couple of you come and stare out your windows at us whenever we are doing something in the front yard. For another thing, we clear our driveway and the sidewalk when it snows. The last time it snowed, it snowed only lightly, but we... read more

Open Letter: Moving Company Edition

Dear Moving Company Contact, Please refrain from replying to my email with a phone call. No, I will not call you back. If I had wanted to call you, I would have done that to start with. I already spoke to you on the phone once. I called you back in response to your first message, despite the fact you had not provided me with your extension, or last name, thereby making returning the message an even larger... read more

Open Letter: Naked Flickr Folks Edition

Dear Flickr Idiots, In my past two visits to MY Flickr start page I was treated to a man sitting naked, spread legged, with his penis front and center, and a badly lit, out of focus, manually spread vagina under the “Everyone’s Photos” section. I do not wish to see these things. Yes, you are allowed to post bad photos to flickr. Yes, you are allowed to post nude photos to flickr. However,... read more