Setting Small Goals

Today I hope to ship multiple packages. This sounds so simple, and yet is so ridiculously problematic for me. I am not kidding, two of the packages I need to ship contain things that I MOVED HERE because I did not manage to ship them to the intended recipients prior to the move, and frankly it is stuff that had been sitting around the other house for a very long time, unsent. There is just something about... read more

Yep, still typing

This year marks the 12th Christmas we have not celebrated. We talked about it. We thought about it. We determined it was not providing us with the purported joy. We agreed. We decided. We quit. We told the people we felt we needed to. Our daughter is 11. She grew up not celebrating. While the concept of a child, and what I would teach them, was part of the decision, as a person she has been one of the... read more

I’ll Have a Hot Buttered Rum

I am not Christian. I understand that a lot of people around the world celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday. Admittedly, I celebrated long after I realized I wasn’t Christian. Back when I decided to stop celebrating Christmas, I was still trying to achieve some sort of balance with certain factions of my blood relatives. They were very religious. It was an important holiday to them, and the... read more