The Post I Didn’t Want to Write

When last we spoke I said, “Tomorrow I’ll try to explain what is prompting me to share this now.”  That was more than two weeks ago, and clearly I failed to explain on “tomorrow”, but I did try. I tried, and tried, and kept on failing. Yes, I have also been busy, but let’s be honest, I have some major avoidance issues.  I really didn’t want to write this, because I... read more

In response to a friend Re: Credit Card Companies

about this rant I have had more than my share of financial problems. It is horrific to be faced with a cascading series of overdraft fees or late payment fines. Totally overwhelming. Yet, it was still my responsibility. Did it suck? Yes it totally did. The credit cards spelled out the penalties and the interest maximums though. Using them if I couldn’t afford those penalties was a choice I was... read more

Senators Don’t Think Americans Should Behave Responsibly

Senate Panel Slams Abusive Credit Card Practices Credit cards can be used to the consumer’s benefit. Credit cards can be abused to the consumer’s downfall. They can be used in a great many ways in between. The fact that the majority of Americans use them poorly says a lot more about our education system and lack of parenting in this country than it does about the credit card companies. They are... read more