Trendy Tilapia

Tilapia has become quite the trendy fish lately. I see it on more and more restaurant menus. I hear people talking about eating it. I see it in “regular” (i.e. middle class) grocery stores at prices far above what it used to sell for. I have never eaten it, and don’t have any desire to. I’m not saying I won’t ever eat it, but I certainly won’t be making the choice to... read more

Substantial Dissatisfaction

Tonight we had a “get to know you” potluck at an acting program the kid is considering joining. There is good luck and bad luck, but for some of the worst kind of luck is potluck. I hate it. I just do. When I go to a potluck event, I plan to eat either before or after, depending on the time of day. I bring something that I am sure I am willing to eat, and that is unlikely to spoil, no matter... read more

I haven’t made many food posts lately

I have been cooking lately, but it hasn’t been particularly fulfilling. I’m glad to eat at home more often than we eat out, because it is better for us where both our budget and our health is concerned. However, a lot of the enjoyment I usually get from cooking has been missing. My kitchen is not at all what I would like. I still haven’t gotten the hang of the stove. It doesn’t heat... read more

on the way home from the airport

Kid: Oh my god, what… Ugh. That smells. Me: It’s my suitcase. Him: What? Me: It’s cheese. Him: You have smelly cheese in your suitcase? Me: It’s good cheese. Him: So? Me: It is a bit stinky. Him: I’ll say. Me: It’s really good cheese. It’s ridiculously expensive and I haven’t found it in Minnesota, and to order it and ship it is even more expensive. Him: So... read more

Volcano Lunch

My birthday is next week and a friend of mine took me out for a mani/pedi and lunch yesterday as my gift. The mani/pedi went without incident. We sat next to each other in the massager chairs and tried to converse while people tickled our feet and manhandled us. For lunch we went to a sushi place that neither of us had been to before. Some people, especially when treating a friend to a birthday meal,... read more

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