I like dogs better than I like people

Both foster puppies have gone to their forever homes.  This was a huge amount of work, for multiple reasons.  Mainly I realize how bad I am at the people side of rescue.  As a rabid introvert, needing to answer so many emails, do so much marketing, and meet so many people, in order to find them the right home, was just EXHAUSTING.  I’d finish the end of each day and just collapse into bed, and... read more

Foster Time

So, I’m back to fostering dogs again.  I didn’t post about the first one this year because I almost immediately found a great home for her. I’ve got a pair of puppies in now, and am drowning in all things puppy.   Mr. Watson isn’t happy.  For that matter, Mr. Tori isn’t all that happy either. The truth is, this is incredibly bad timing.  I have NO time to do the puppy... read more

Happy Tails

Our Fosters from Ms Tori on Vimeo. read more


Apparently I could only make it to number 11 before having a failed foster. Welcome to the family, baby boy. I think we’ll be calling him Watson. read more

Sitting and Thinking

So, yesterday I teased that I had other news that was too big to just tack on the bottom of that post. It wasn’t really a sweeps week “to be continued” type of tease. I just have all this shit on my mind, but my mind hasn’t finished chewing on it yet. I know some of what it means, but I don’t know all of what it means. So, here you get a little glimpse into my life, mid... read more

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