I’m A Winner!

Now that I feel a bit like Stuart Smalley, made all the more creepy by the fact he is my senator now… A cool email arrived in my inbox today, letting me know that I won a 3 month subscription to an earrings of the month club.  The earrings are handcrafted by the lovely and talented woman who blogs at Honey & Ollie, and the prize was courtesy of a contest held by Simply Rebecca. I’m... read more

In the Middle Was Webster

One of the rescue founders took an immediate liking to Webster, so when he arrived at my house, he already had a hold placed on him, and he never went up on petfinder. In the first couple of days I was more focused on Mindy, and then Darby when she got back from the vet. Webster was the easy one, not that anything about it was actually easy, but in comparison, the one that ate easily was definitely a bit... read more

Mindy’s New Friend

Mindy finds out that her family got another puppy for her to play with. read more

And Then There Were None

Do you hear that? The house is so quiet. It makes me feel anxious, because I haven’t done anything for the puppies lately, so they should be noisily complaining, and the silence leaves me with a repetitive flutter in my gut that something is wrong. Yesterday, I dropped my daughter off at a class and came home for an hour and a half of couch potato-ing before needing to pick her up again.  It was... read more

One Down, Two to Go

Darby has gone home. Her mom came by to pick her up, appropriately armed with a crate that is almost too small for Darby. Still completely suitable currently, but seriously, Darby will outgrow it so fast. This is really a big deal to me because it is the same size crate I used to keep all three of the puppies in together! Wow. First we did paperwork, and I told her all about the feeding schedule and... read more

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