Happy Tails

Our Fosters from Ms Tori on Vimeo. read more


Apparently I could only make it to number 11 before having a failed foster. Welcome to the family, baby boy. I think we’ll be calling him Watson. read more

Sitting and Thinking

So, yesterday I teased that I had other news that was too big to just tack on the bottom of that post. It wasn’t really a sweeps week “to be continued” type of tease. I just have all this shit on my mind, but my mind hasn’t finished chewing on it yet. I know some of what it means, but I don’t know all of what it means. So, here you get a little glimpse into my life, mid... read more

In the Middle Was Webster

One of the rescue founders took an immediate liking to Webster, so when he arrived at my house, he already had a hold placed on him, and he never went up on petfinder. In the first couple of days I was more focused on Mindy, and then Darby when she got back from the vet. Webster was the easy one, not that anything about it was actually easy, but in comparison, the one that ate easily was definitely a bit... read more

Mindy’s New Friend

Mindy finds out that her family got another puppy for her to play with. read more

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