The State Farm Thing

On Friday night I was driving on the freeway, with my daughter in the passenger seat, in stop and go traffic. The vehicles in front of me stopped. I stopped. The driver behind me didn’t stop. Well, he did stop, but he did it by running into us. I was driving a compact SUV (2006 Ford Escape Hybrid). He was driving a midsize SUV (2006 Nissan Pathfinder). He jumped out of his car almost immediately,... read more

just call me hostile

Hi. I am cranky as all shit, and on drugs. If you say anything that even remotely has a whiff of advice about it, I will lose my shit. You might think that I appreciate your wisdom, but you would be very wrong. Seriously, I am not even slightly fit for human interaction and I used up all of my patience dealing with medical people today. What I want right now is a Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar and to be left... read more

Too Cold

It is really cold right now. It is painfully cold. The wind chill really really has a significant impact at these temperatures. Today we bundled up to take the dogs out for a walk. We took the excited dogs out through the backyard and out the back gate. Then we follow this trail through small ravine and get up to the big path behind out house. We even managed to get up to the patch without... read more

My Maternal Instincts

I do not feel great. Sinus Pressure Achy Icky *sigh* Kid also does not feel great. Kid shuffles over to me, looking sleepy and puffy and blah. kid: Am I hot? me: I’m not sure. There’s a website. We could post a photo and let people vote. kid: *gives me a look* No. me: *feels kid’s forehead* No. You seem normal. kid: I feel hot. me: You sure about the photo? kid: Please, no. me: hrmph Even... read more

Cold (bland) Turkey

I haven’t been feeling very well, physically. I am extremely busy right now, and very distracted by all the crap going on. When that happens I often forget to take even halfway decent care of myself. I need a chance to reset. Starting tomorrow I’ll be cutting out: caffeine all sweets (fake or real sugar) wine (because of the sugar content) carbonated beverages (even unsweetened) I will also... read more

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