Playing Catch Up – Part I

So, a lot has been happening, and none of that has been blogging. I moved. I don’t live in Minnesota any longer. We moved back to Los Angeles. It has been pure hell, but all in all, it is a very good thing. I am glad we made the decision that we did. I’m glad we moved. It’s just that moving sucks. We knew for a while. My husband gave a month’s notice at work, but they didn’t... read more

Morning has broken

like my poor aching back Cold and miserable, but a half hour (mostly on hold) with the RV people later, I have an appointment to have the heater looked at 200 miles from here. I ended up taking a shower, really more for the heat than the cleaning of pee, at that point, but getting rid of the pee was a bonus. I also washed my clothes in the shower. Have decided to throw away the comforter. I am iffy on... read more

4:45 AM

and all is not well… First of all the furnace in the RV is not working and it is fucking cold. I am worried the fish is going to freeze to death. They (RV rental people) say they will try to get somebody out to repair it in the morning. They also say that I can go pick up a space heater at Walmart and they will reimburse for it. This was not possible as there is no 24 hour Walmart here. Tried to... read more


RV with two dogs, two cats, one fish, one teen and myself… is hell. Stopped for the night. All are safe. Quite concerned about the fish. read more