Weekend Update

There is a girl who lives nearby. We met her and her family almost immediately upon moving into this house and her and my daughter began hanging out. There have been times when they have spent more time together and times when they’ve spent less time together. I’ve never actively encouraged the friendship because I do not care for the parenting style of her parents. At the same time I have not... read more

Random Mutterings

Still chafing over this DST crap. It has really thrown a wrench into our lives. It shifted our morning schedule because our morning starts with an alarm clock and the clock time changed. We just work an extra hour because our evening schedule is based on the way it feels, and we don’t typically look at ending our work day until it feels late and we are feeling hungry. I don’t necessarily... read more

How Many Fits of Cursing Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

I am tired. I have grease smudges on my face. My hands hurt and two nails are broken. Not in that “eek I broke my nails” way, that isn’t really my style, but in that ripped down “fuck THAT hurts” way. However there are now two working headlights on the car. Unfortunately I didn’t finish the work early enough this morning, so my car is gone for the day again. Not a huge... read more

Is it time for bed?

Done uploaded website troubleshot wireless network, bought parts and repaired it went to work on HE system, found problems, fixed things as best I could but they may need to get some warranty repair bought a new bulb to replace the burnt out headlight, but cannot replace it in the dark paid bills, many of them ones that made me angry completed computer back up, on new computer, not settled on it... read more

Morning Assessment

Kid – sick, refuses to get out of bed Husband – sick, refuses to stay home and rest Self – up and working, some sort of sinus unpleasantness which I will not describe in detail (but think gross) To Do Today Already forced to push several things to later in the week and cancel others completely due to illness annoyances. upload website do website design outline go troubleshoot a... read more

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