My Grandfather

He is more coherent and has better motor control, so they are keeping him at home for now. This is good news. Unfortunately my grandmother has come down with the flu, which is always a risk for somebody at her age and health level. Plus my aunt also has it, and is the primary care provider for both of them. Definitely a rough week in that house. I am still so pissed about the lack of what I consider decent... read more

feeling sad

My father called today. My grandfather is not doing well.  Yesterday he complained of having no strength. He had to be in a wheelchair all day because he could not get around with his walker. He was too tired to take a shower (he usually sits on a chair and my aunt helps him) last night, so they waited until morning. This morning he was completely unable to help my aunt with the shower, she had to do... read more

More On How I Feel About the Medical Industry

First I will start with the general. I do not like the medical profession laying their personal, or societal opinions on an individuals medical care unless they are specifically asked, “Well, what would you do?” Then I will move onto a story about somebody I knew. There was a woman who used to clean my house. She was nice enough, but unfortunately was entirely too chatty. As the result I know a... read more

This is from an official sign that I saw at the doctor’s office today:

Family Medicine Department Service Standards Flexibility to member needs the best way we can Accountability for patient care Maintain quality for ourselves and others Integrity and professionalism in everything we do Live with partnership by involving people in decision making Yield to best service Member satisfaction is our first priority Encourage innovation Diversity in individual care I fear that... read more


There is a certain art to feeling sorry for oneself, and I definitely have an aptitude for it. There is a simple test to determine if you have an aptitude for this art too. Consider the following two statements. If things are going badly and something else bad happens, it goes to show that the universe is committed to kicking your ass and pissing on you while you are down. If things are going well and... read more

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