Cars that pass in the night

Late last night I was driving home on a surface street, but one with a 50 MPH speed limit.  As I approached an intersection I could see that something was going on.  There were cars pulled to the right, and several people standing in the fast lane, some waving their hands to signal cars coming right at them to move over.  As I slowed for my turn, I could see the problem, a dog lying in the road.  I... read more

Whole Lotta Nothing

Ever the one to jump on every trend that goes by (if you can’t hear the sarcasm here, you should probably go read a different blog), I decided a while back to give The Whole 30 a try. Well, not exactly. I’d seen it mentioned approximated 19208934293859048549 times on Facebook, and somebody had asked one of my facebook friends that was on it a very basic question, so in a moment of Let Me Google... read more

The Post I Didn’t Want to Write

When last we spoke I said, “Tomorrow I’ll try to explain what is prompting me to share this now.”  That was more than two weeks ago, and clearly I failed to explain on “tomorrow”, but I did try. I tried, and tried, and kept on failing. Yes, I have also been busy, but let’s be honest, I have some major avoidance issues.  I really didn’t want to write this, because I... read more

The State Farm Thing

On Friday night I was driving on the freeway, with my daughter in the passenger seat, in stop and go traffic. The vehicles in front of me stopped. I stopped. The driver behind me didn’t stop. Well, he did stop, but he did it by running into us. I was driving a compact SUV (2006 Ford Escape Hybrid). He was driving a midsize SUV (2006 Nissan Pathfinder). He jumped out of his car almost immediately,... read more

Open Letter: Homophone Edition

Dear Deer, The truth is that I like you. I do. When my daughter claimed on the week that we moved here that she saw some of your type running around the neighborhood, I did not doubt her. She has her shortcomings but taxonomy is usually not one of them. However, as long months passed and I saw no sign of you, I did somewhat wonder about her sighting. Tonight when you suddenly appeared while I was out on my... read more

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