When It Rains

Today I took Indy and Watson to go visit a friend. The friend has a big interesting yard with lots of things to smell, and since Indy spent time there before she developed CCD, she still recognizes it and gets a lot of stimulation out of being there, without any anxiety from being someplace unfamiliar. It is a nice safe dog park experience for her, where we don’t run the risk of running into a dog... read more

Ways to annoy your teen #143953

Teen: Can you get out the milk? Me: *gets milk out of the fridge and holds it up for teen to see* Yes. *puts milk back in fridge* Teen: *makes disgusted noise* read more

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

There is a teen who is tasked with managing the dishwasher. How many dirty dishes do I need to find in my cabinets and drawers before it becomes acceptable to stab the teen with a dirty butter knife? I mean, just a little flesh wound, not aiming for a vital organ or anything… Yet. read more

Underthings… tumbling

Not only is today my daughter’s 14th birthday, it is also laundry day. Not the scheduled sort of laundry day, but that “Oh fuck, if I don’t do some laundry NOW, clothing won’t even be an option anymore” kind of laundry day. This is why I look like some sort of… goth wench pirate with argyle tights. Luckily she has a high threshold of tolerance before the “my mother... read more

it takes a village

Today we left the house. *shudder* We were driving along and passed a street called Friendship Village Rd. kid: Do you want to go to Friendship Village? me: No. kid: But it sounds nice and friendly. me: I want to visit Mind Your Own Fucking Business Village. kid: THAT really wouldn’t be a “village” then. me: Mind your own business. kid: *silence* read more

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