The Deed is Done

Friday was the day. Our only child moved into her dorm room. The mixture and intensity of emotions is overwhelming. There is mental conflict and turmoil. We spent 18.5 years working toward this goal. We did not have her in order to own her. We raised her with the goal of sending her out into the world to live her own life successfully, and this is a very important phase of that eventual goal. It is a... read more

I Feel Sad

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I’m Living

Today in the car my daughter and I were discussing an assignment she needs to do, a series of photos based around poem or book, with a theme of “family”. I told her, “Oh, you could do that famous children’s book.” “I don’t know which book you mean,” she replied. I couldn’t respond because I had burst into tears. Okay… so THAT was stable. I pulled... read more

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Almost every night of my life I go to bed with a plan as to what I will be doing the next day. Almost every single day, something goes awry. Thursday, December 3rd, I went to bed, and my Friday looked like this: get up have breakfast go to hand therapy get out of hand therapy and go to the vet to pick up medicine get gas go home to have lunch go to see Little Women (The Musical) go home to drop the kid... read more

Ways to annoy your teen #143953

Teen: Can you get out the milk? Me: *gets milk out of the fridge and holds it up for teen to see* Yes. *puts milk back in fridge* Teen: *makes disgusted noise* read more

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