I’m A Winner!

Now that I feel a bit like Stuart Smalley, made all the more creepy by the fact he is my senator now… A cool email arrived in my inbox today, letting me know that I won a 3 month subscription to an earrings of the month club.  The earrings are handcrafted by the lovely and talented woman who blogs at Honey & Ollie, and the prize was courtesy of a contest held by Simply Rebecca. I’m... read more

The Poo Blog

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have noticed that I talk about shit a lot. I don’t have a fetish or anything, (and now I am horrified by the possible search terms that will lead people to this entry) but a large chunk of my mental and physical energy is taken up by these foster puppies, and crap features a lot in this matter. So, as I last mentioned, there was magic powder and all the poo stopped. This... read more

Today I Showered

Yes. I admit it.  This is big news. I meant to shower yesterday, but I was too busy stumbling around and being incoherent and dealing with puppies. It was important that I do it too, because I was gross. I mean, really and truly. See, I mostly smelled like soured formula and puppy poo. You know what is really strange? The puppies, who are the source of all this unpleasant smell, don’t actually smell... read more

Fallen Princesses

I love this photo series. read more


The Amazing Gift of Woo Lai Wah read more

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