Library of Congress on Flickr

The Library of Congress is using Flickr to display photos. Some of them are so interesting. I am really looking forward to exploring what they have put up already, and watching what else they upload. [Garden of Pan American Union Building, Washington, D.C.] (LOC) Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress. Library of Congress Profile Yes. We really are THE Library of Congress. We invite your tags and... read more

Illustrated BMI flickr set

Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese, Morbidly Obese – Awesome read more

And that has made all the difference

This is where I live. I don’t have my mail delivered here. There is a mailbox out in front of a place that bears an address, to which my bills go to. Yet what you see before you speaks of Los Angeles to me. Day in, day out, on the freeways crisscrossing the landscape, the traffic piles up and crawls along. It colors everything about my experience here. I am tied with these ribbons of roadwork and... read more

Open Letter: Naked Flickr Folks Edition

Dear Flickr Idiots, In my past two visits to MY Flickr start page I was treated to a man sitting naked, spread legged, with his penis front and center, and a badly lit, out of focus, manually spread vagina under the “Everyone’s Photos” section. I do not wish to see these things. Yes, you are allowed to post bad photos to flickr. Yes, you are allowed to post nude photos to flickr. However,... read more

Pardon Me

I am just obsessed with this flickr account.     Rothstein, Arthur,, 1915-, photographer. [Civilian training school], students and instructors, Meacham Field, Fort Worth, Tex. 1942 Jan. Bain News Service, publisher.  Coney Island, A Free Show [between 1910 and 1915] Palmer, Alfred T.,, photographer.  Flexible performance of C-47 transport planes is due in part to their two 1,200... read more

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