Open Letter: Neighbor Edition

Dear Neighbors, Hi. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve moved into your neighborhood. For one thing there was the whole giant moving truck thing. For another a couple of you come and stare out your windows at us whenever we are doing something in the front yard. For another thing, we clear our driveway and the sidewalk when it snows. The last time it snowed, it snowed only lightly, but we... read more

Before You Call Me For Help

Reboot the fucking computer. Also, repeating over and over (and over) “but… it was working just fine before” is not going to help. Thank you. read more

Do Me A Favor

Let me make it clear. In general, I do not mind being asked to do favors for people. Some people think that I say yes too often, but what matters is what I think, and that is not what I am writing about today. I will take the time to point out that if I do, it is MY FAULT. I am not interested in blaming anybody else for a task I have taken on, as a favor to them. I am also not going to discuss why I say... read more

Another Day, Another Annoyance

Last week on Wednesday the 14th I ordered something at around 10 AM. I upgraded the shipping to next morning shipping. The place I was ordering from is 60 miles away from my house. Even shipping ground should have gotten it here overnight with no problem, but they also claimed that any order before 2 PM would ship same day if you paid for the upgrade, whereas ground orders would go out within 2 business... read more

People Make Me TIRED

A couple of weeks ago I made a black & white 8 X 10 ad for somebody to use in some dumbass program they were buying an ad in. Last week they contacted me wanting to know if I still had a copy, and wanting me to send a PDF of it to another email address. They were purchasing an ad in a new program. Let’s not even address the fact that the first ad was personalized to the program it was being... read more

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