Open Letter: Naked Flickr Folks Edition

Dear Flickr Idiots, In my past two visits to MY Flickr start page I was treated to a man sitting naked, spread legged, with his penis front and center, and a badly lit, out of focus, manually spread vagina under the “Everyone’s Photos” section. I do not wish to see these things. Yes, you are allowed to post bad photos to flickr. Yes, you are allowed to post nude photos to flickr. However,... read more

More On How I Feel About the Medical Industry

First I will start with the general. I do not like the medical profession laying their personal, or societal opinions on an individuals medical care unless they are specifically asked, “Well, what would you do?” Then I will move onto a story about somebody I knew. There was a woman who used to clean my house. She was nice enough, but unfortunately was entirely too chatty. As the result I know a... read more

One More Thing I Don’t Understand

We went out for lunch today at a quick casual restaurant. There were five of us. When we were finished ordering and wanted to pick a table, we had a difficult time. There were a lot of tables and booths available. They were all for three or four people. Every single five or six person table or booth was taken. All but one of those was taken by only one or two people. One was being used by a party of four.... read more

I have an idea.

When I order something from you online, do not sign me up to receive your dumbass paper catalog. I do not want your catalog. I will not shop from your catalog. It is going to clutter up my mailbox, my house, and my recycling bin. It will aggravate me. I shop online. I proved to you that I shop online by placing an order online. That is where you got it into your fool head that I was interested in your... read more

Rated F’d

We watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated this weekend. The subject matter irritated me to no end, as everyone who knows anything about me knew it would. The movie itself, well I wish it had been a bit better. While the content was something I care about, it definitely was not one of the stronger documentaries I have seen. I do not like the MPAA. Actually I heartily dislike the entire system, and that is... read more

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