I have an idea.

When I order something from you online, do not sign me up to receive your dumbass paper catalog. I do not want your catalog. I will not shop from your catalog. It is going to clutter up my mailbox, my house, and my recycling bin. It will aggravate me. I shop online. I proved to you that I shop online by placing an order online. That is where you got it into your fool head that I was interested in your... read more

Who wants to go to the mall?

Not me. Okay, I just sent off pdf number 20 of the day, so they can all be approved by the client. I am pretty sure they will be, actually the one I have been fighting with the longest, he already approved but I was unhappy with how something was working out, so I have been fighting with it for the past week as I continued to work on the other items. Next will be getting them to the printer and getting... read more

No Thanks

It’s just not that magic to me. At 17 I got my first job in retail. Being trapped inside the mall for the entire holiday season, both the purchases and returns, was, let’s call it “unpleasant”. Working with the general public was not something I enjoyed on a normal day, but during the holiday season everything went to extra utter shit. The number of temper tantrums increased... read more

Aggravation, mental wiitardation, aggravation, a game we used to play

I do my best to avoid going into any store that isn’t a grocery store from Thanksgiving until mid-January. Holiday crowds and holiday shopping irritate the shit out of me. When Nintendo announced the Revolution, I wanted one. When they announced that the official name would be Wii, I still wanted one, although I was not impressed by the name. The thing is, I wanted the console. I wanted Zelda. I... read more

Another step toward becoming a hermit, on a mountain… with a shotgun (and internet access)

We were running out of things we needed, important things, like dog food. Since I know that if we go too long without dog food, we’ll become the food, I forced myself to go to the grocery store. I had forgotten to make a list, so the shopping experience took longer and was more frustrating than usual, except in many ways that is the usual. I even knocked an item off the shelf and broke it, creating a... read more

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