About Face

I like routine and it is easy for me to fall into the habit of doing something because it is what I do, long beyond the point of that thing being important. If I do not do it, I will feel anxious, because a thing which I am “supposed” to do, is not being done. I disabled my facebook account a week ago. I don’t expect to remain off of facebook forever (at least not yet), but it... read more

Dear Buddha, please send me a pony, and a plastic rocket, and please, oh please, make me popular…

As if elementary school, junior high school and high school wasn’t enough – I grew up and needed to worry about cyberpopularity as well. Lucky for me, there are services to help turn cyberlosers into social-networking magnets because appearing more popular actually creates popularity. Of course, not liking people all that much makes popularity a burden. Luckily there... read more

so it’s sort of social… demented and sad, but social

I really hate MySpace. Even before I factor in the ways in which it is used, and many of the people using it, I just hate how incredibly ugly and broken it is. It is one thing to give the masses a way to quickly customize a page and another thing to give them options which create audio and visual assault on any person who is unfortunate enough to click a link. I find it foul and hideous and I am saddened... read more

I’ve been informed that the Hot New Thing

is twitter. I am skeptical that I will get much use out of it, but I mention it because I know a bunch of you despise losing your preferred userid to the unwashed hordes just because you didn’t know about something early enough. I signed up. The site has been very slow today, no surprise as reports from some conferences are that it is a big topic of conversation. At least it can be set to friends... read more