Cars that pass in the night

Late last night I was driving home on a surface street, but one with a 50 MPH speed limit.  As I approached an intersection I could see that something was going on.  There were cars pulled to the right, and several people standing in the fast lane, some waving their hands to signal cars coming right at them to move over.  As I slowed for my turn, I could see the problem, a dog lying in the road.  I... read more

No Emotional Pleas Here

I don’t believe that gay marriage should be made legal in the United States of America. I believe it is already legal. I believe that every law that has been put in place to thwart this has been unconstitutional and against both the supreme law of the land and the spirit behind that law. For as long as I’ve had some knowledge of the existence of same sex couples, sometime before the age of 10,... read more

About Face

I like routine and it is easy for me to fall into the habit of doing something because it is what I do, long beyond the point of that thing being important. If I do not do it, I will feel anxious, because a thing which I am “supposed” to do, is not being done. I disabled my facebook account a week ago. I don’t expect to remain off of facebook forever (at least not yet), but it... read more

Fallen Princesses

I love this photo series. read more

Joss Is Boss

Buffy the Vampire Slayer lives on. The new comic book series, from Joss Whedon and Dark Horse Comics will pick up, with what would have been Season 8 in the story arc if they had not left TV following season 7. There is an interview with Joss in TV Guide, but it might have some things you would consider spoilers, depending on how much you like to just experience it as it comes. Here is one excerpt from... read more

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