People Make Me TIRED

A couple of weeks ago I made a black & white 8 X 10 ad for somebody to use in some dumbass program they were buying an ad in. Last week they contacted me wanting to know if I still had a copy, and wanting me to send a PDF of it to another email address. They were purchasing an ad in a new program. Let’s not even address the fact that the first ad was personalized to the program it was being... read more

See What’s Become of Me

I don’t really understand the way so many people seem so hung up on time. I completely understand it as a tool to coordinate. It would be much more difficult to meet somebody for lunch if we had no common reference point for when. I also grasp it to measure the passing of it. It is good to know how long something took to accomplish. I just don’t understand the random value attached to certain... read more

Senators Don’t Think Americans Should Behave Responsibly

Senate Panel Slams Abusive Credit Card Practices Credit cards can be used to the consumer’s benefit. Credit cards can be abused to the consumer’s downfall. They can be used in a great many ways in between. The fact that the majority of Americans use them poorly says a lot more about our education system and lack of parenting in this country than it does about the credit card companies. They are... read more

More On How I Feel About the Medical Industry

First I will start with the general. I do not like the medical profession laying their personal, or societal opinions on an individuals medical care unless they are specifically asked, “Well, what would you do?” Then I will move onto a story about somebody I knew. There was a woman who used to clean my house. She was nice enough, but unfortunately was entirely too chatty. As the result I know a... read more

Dear Buddha, please send me a pony, and a plastic rocket, and please, oh please, make me popular…

As if elementary school, junior high school and high school wasn’t enough – I grew up and needed to worry about cyberpopularity as well. Lucky for me, there are services to help turn cyberlosers into social-networking magnets because appearing more popular actually creates popularity. Of course, not liking people all that much makes popularity a burden. Luckily there... read more

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