I Feel Sad

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My Maternal Instincts

I do not feel great. Sinus Pressure Achy Icky *sigh* Kid also does not feel great. Kid shuffles over to me, looking sleepy and puffy and blah. kid: Am I hot? me: I’m not sure. There’s a website. We could post a photo and let people vote. kid: *gives me a look* No. me: *feels kid’s forehead* No. You seem normal. kid: I feel hot. me: You sure about the photo? kid: Please, no. me: hrmph Even... read more

Protected: My Lack of Proper Parenting Skillz, Let Me Show You Them

Kid: Why aren’t we assassins? You get to kill people. For money. Me: Well, that’s a career goal you could set. Kid: Okay, good. Just making sure you’d approve. Me: *shrug* I think goals are good. Kid: Because I think that would be a good job, and you don’t have to kill a person if you don’t agree that they should be killed. Me: Well… I mean there is a matter of work... read more

Anyone have a taser I can borrow?

Me: teens are invading my house Me: well at least one is Me: and that feels a lot like way too many Friend: ew Me: it also means I have to put on pants Friend: if you stop buying pants Friend: eventually Friend: you won’t have any to put on Me: and then I could refuse to allow the teens over, for their sake, and legal reasons Me: teen is IMing me telling me he is heading over soon Me: guess he did... read more