About Face

I like routine and it is easy for me to fall into the habit of doing something because it is what I do, long beyond the point of that thing being important. If I do not do it, I will feel anxious, because a thing which I am “supposed” to do, is not being done. I disabled my facebook account a week ago. I don’t expect to remain off of facebook forever (at least not yet), but it... read more


I’m finding it difficult to find any enthusiasm within me for G+, despite being a borderline Google fangirl. For a long time I was very anxious for a viable facebook alternative. The thing is, I don’t think I even want an alternative to facebook anymore. I just feel so incredibly done with social networking as a THING. I don’t need a “social networking” site. I need a... read more

The Experiment

I bought a Sidekick II in early 2005. It was my first smart phone, and it changed my life. I’d had other phones with web access in the past, but it just wasn’t good enough to be anything more than a curiosity. The Sidekick II was very usable. I could get out and about while managing my business and helping my clients. I was no longer so tied to the computer. I’m on my 4th Sidekick now,... read more

so it’s sort of social… demented and sad, but social

I really hate MySpace. Even before I factor in the ways in which it is used, and many of the people using it, I just hate how incredibly ugly and broken it is. It is one thing to give the masses a way to quickly customize a page and another thing to give them options which create audio and visual assault on any person who is unfortunate enough to click a link. I find it foul and hideous and I am saddened... read more

I’ve been informed that the Hot New Thing

is twitter. I am skeptical that I will get much use out of it, but I mention it because I know a bunch of you despise losing your preferred userid to the unwashed hordes just because you didn’t know about something early enough. I signed up. The site has been very slow today, no surprise as reports from some conferences are that it is a big topic of conversation. At least it can be set to friends... read more

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