Turn Around Bright Eyes

We rented Karaoke Revolution: American Idol and tried it out tonight. The American Idol aspect is totally R-Tarted. However the rest is very KR, and I do love KR. First let me just take the time to complain one more time, why the fuck does Harmonix keep making these games without any saved player or character carryover. I am so sick of everybody needing to reenter their info every time we get a new game.... read more

bored now

Today I am migrating to my new computer. Overall this is a good thing. My current desktop is woefully underpowered for the workload I put on it. In the short term it means there will be a lot of swearing and fit throwing in my near to mid future as things on the new computer are “not right” yet and I won’t realize that something isn’t installed or that some default that I hate has... read more

Post 1 of The Things I Like Series

Having been raised to give some serious respect to Thumper’s Rule, I spend a lot of time silent. People who know me a little might be shocked to hear that, because I certainly don’t seem shy about complaining. People who know me well realize I keep much more of my rampant disgust and dissatisfaction to myself. So, I thought I’d try some posts about things that I actually like. But first,... read more

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