Setting Small Goals

Today I hope to ship multiple packages. This sounds so simple, and yet is so ridiculously problematic for me. I am not kidding, two of the packages I need to ship contain things that I MOVED HERE because I did not manage to ship them to the intended recipients prior to the move, and frankly it is stuff that had been sitting around the other house for a very long time, unsent. There is just something about... read more

Spring Has Sprung, Except for the Dead Things

I had someone over to look at the yard yesterday. Along with several plants, bushes and vines, it looks like we’ve lost 4 large trees (10-15 years old) from the unusual frost this year. I can try having the trees severely chopped back in hopes that perhaps they will revive, but she did not hold out a lot of hope for them. What sucks is that, beyond the expense of removing them, because of their... read more

The World Didn’t End

One of my clients just called, and asked me to take on a new client. He has a buddy in the midst of major computer problems who needs lots of help, starting today and ongoing… I said NO. I did it. I turned him down. Between the hating to turn down money, and the hating to disappoint a client thing, I wasn’t certain what words would actually come out of my mouth as I took a breath and opened... read more

Is it time for bed?

Done uploaded website troubleshot wireless network, bought parts and repaired it went to work on HE system, found problems, fixed things as best I could but they may need to get some warranty repair bought a new bulb to replace the burnt out headlight, but cannot replace it in the dark paid bills, many of them ones that made me angry completed computer back up, on new computer, not settled on it... read more