Desert Mirage

I am currently in Las Vegas, because I am an idiot, or a masochist, or both. ¬†There is just no good reason for a person with Summer SAD to “vacation” in Las Vegas in June, but that’s what I did. My husband had to come here for business, and because he is always extremely busy with his start-up, I decided to come on out with him. He’d be too busy working to spend time with me, but... read more

Fresh Air

When I wrote about being in Vegas, I forgot to mention something that was really interesting to me about The Cosmopolitan. I hate smoking. It drives me totally crazy. Well, I don’t mind the idea of smoking. Go do whatever the fuck you want. I just hate the smell of it. I hate the smell of stale smoke leftover on smokers, or on myself if I’ve been in a smoky place, and I really am made utterly... read more

Playing Catch Up – Part I

So, a lot has been happening, and none of that has been blogging. I moved. I don’t live in Minnesota any longer. We moved back to Los Angeles. It has been pure hell, but all in all, it is a very good thing. I am glad we made the decision that we did. I’m glad we moved. It’s just that moving sucks. We knew for a while. My husband gave a month’s notice at work, but they didn’t... read more

The Mark of Stress

There is a cold sore blister on my face. It is ugly. It hurts. There is a big knot in the back of my neck and my right shoulder. My lower back is so cranky, it is making crunchy noises. Stress- it doesn’t just fuck with my mind. Today was overall a decent day. The thing about being dragged kicking and screaming away from home by the bitch I call life, is that I have a lot less work to do here. As... read more

Not Reassured

Things I DO NOT want my pilot to say over the intercom when giving updates as we sit endlessly on the tarmac in a snow storm. “I’ve been doing this a lot of years, and I’ve never had this happen before.” “catastrophic consequences” Dude. Word things differently. I’m just saying. read more