Big Damn News

Wow. I don’t even fully know how to wrap my head around it. Actually, I can’t. I’ll probably be able to later, but after today, I am still in shock. I’ll get to today later. Our daughter is 16 years old and starting her junior year. She has been homeschooled since the start. She is now officially a public school student. She still won’t be attending a traditional school. As a... read more

About Face

I like routine and it is easy for me to fall into the habit of doing something because it is what I do, long beyond the point of that thing being important. If I do not do it, I will feel anxious, because a thing which I am “supposed” to do, is not being done. I disabled my facebook account a week ago. I don’t expect to remain off of facebook forever (at least not yet), but it... read more

Life With Dogs

Leather Option on my friend’s car seats – $3000 Water/Mud proof cover for the backseat to protect it from two Border Collies – $50 Adoption fee for my adorable new puppy – $225 Moment when Border Collies grrr-umph about puppy getting into THEIR car and puppy submissively urinates all over the uncovered front seat –... read more

I have internet

I am still very busy with unpacking, and when I do get on the internet it is to look up things for the house or figure things out about the area. I keep referring to Los Angeles as home. I am now going to go take a shower in some of the worst water pressure I’ve ever encountered. I called the utility company today to ask about it, and they took my number to call me back. They haven’t. It takes... read more

still cranky

After arriving here I realized I should make a couple of adjustments due to the weather. My desire for hot drinks is soaring, so I am trying to switch mainly to decaf. So far I am mostly failing at that while out because I forget to ask for it. I am waiting for a UPS delivery of my recent coffee order, and that included more decaf than usual to accommodate the switch at home. I don’t need to go NO... read more

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