Cooking, Singing and Making the Dogs Howl

Last night I spent a bit of time trying out Cooking Mama – Cook Off on the Wii. I loved the DS version and was really looking forward to playing it on the Wii. As usual, we rented from Gamefly. Their “keep it” feature is very convenient. Their used prices are reasonable, so it works out very well. We spend a lot less money on video games overall, even considering the rental fees. We... read more

I Smell Like I Sound

Huh? I am certain those were not the lyrics I was mumbling back when I thought I was singing along to Hungry Like The Wolf a million years ago. Yep, I was playing Karaoke Revolution again. It is much easier to get high enough scores to open up new stuff on a song you find at least vaguely familiar. I was definitely no Duran Duranimal, but had reached the point where Hungry Like the Wolf was the last song... read more

Turn Around Bright Eyes

We rented Karaoke Revolution: American Idol and tried it out tonight. The American Idol aspect is totally R-Tarted. However the rest is very KR, and I do love KR. First let me just take the time to complain one more time, why the fuck does Harmonix keep making these games without any saved player or character carryover. I am so sick of everybody needing to reenter their info every time we get a new game.... read more

Aggravation, mental wiitardation, aggravation, a game we used to play

I do my best to avoid going into any store that isn’t a grocery store from Thanksgiving until mid-January. Holiday crowds and holiday shopping irritate the shit out of me. When Nintendo announced the Revolution, I wanted one. When they announced that the official name would be Wii, I still wanted one, although I was not impressed by the name. The thing is, I wanted the console. I wanted Zelda. I... read more