yellow piece of paper

Since feeling sorry for myself is essentially useless, I also looked for an acceptable, although not optimal, solution. So, husband’s boss is now on the form, since at the very least he is likely to know where husband is and a secondary way to get in touch with him. A touched based with him to make sure that was not a problem. Form filled out. It will only have the one emergency contact. Done. Kid is... read more

would you like a little whine with that?

This morning I feel fucking sorry for myself because I need to fill out a little yellow piece of paper because Z is stage crew on a show. I have no fucking answer for somebody to put in the Emergency Contact space in case we cannot be reached, much less two names. We have no fucking friends here. We are just here, all alone. Now, mind you, in all the years of her doing stuff, I’ve never had a... read more