My Life

A snippet from a real phone conversation: (“Him” has a lovely British accent, btw) Me: Just copy and paste it into the email. Him: Copy and paste? Me: Yes. Him: What’s that? Me: Highlight the add… (interrupted) Him: Highlight? Me: Use your mouse, and highlight the text and then right cl… (interrupted) Him: Whoa whoa whoa! You are getting too technical for me. We had better... read more

Before You Call Me For Help

Reboot the fucking computer. Also, repeating over and over (and over) “but… it was working just fine before” is not going to help. Thank you. read more

Are we speaking the same language?

Yesterday I was asked to record an outgoing voicemail message for a business. He’d prefer to have a female voice. No big deal, I’ve done it for him before. I tell him to email me a script and tell me the PIN number he uses to access his voicemail. He writes back wanting to know how to find his PIN number. I tell him that it’s the number he uses to access his voicemail, maybe he can look... read more


Somebody just forwarded me an email with 3 attachments, a pdf, a pub and a wps. Can you open these? I can only open the pdf file. I have no idea what to do with the others. I opened the non-pdf ones, created pdfs from them and sent them back. Not a huge deal. Here’s the thing. Also included in the forward was the email, a portion of which says: If you have any trouble opening any of these let me know... read more

Another Day, Another Annoyance

Last week on Wednesday the 14th I ordered something at around 10 AM. I upgraded the shipping to next morning shipping. The place I was ordering from is 60 miles away from my house. Even shipping ground should have gotten it here overnight with no problem, but they also claimed that any order before 2 PM would ship same day if you paid for the upgrade, whereas ground orders would go out within 2 business... read more

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