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I do my best to avoid going into any store that isn’t a grocery store from Thanksgiving until mid-January. Holiday crowds and holiday shopping irritate the shit out of me.

When Nintendo announced the Revolution, I wanted one. When they announced that the official name would be Wii, I still wanted one, although I was not impressed by the name. The thing is, I wanted the console. I wanted Zelda. I wanted to rent other Wii games to play. What I really wanted was to preorder the fucking thing online from a retailer I actually have heard of, when it was convenient for me, and I was at the computer. Then I wanted that retailer to ship it to me as soon as possible, in a fair fashion based on when the order was made. If it got was sent out on launch day, great. If they fairly were not able to provide my order until January, fine. I just wanted it ordered and taken care of.

Instead, even to get a preorder, one needed to wait in line, or hope to get it during the hour a place might accept preorders online. In many cases one was expected to preorder in offensive ways, “You have to agree to buy a bundle, but we don’t know what the bundle will consist of.” So preorders came and went and went and went, and I had no preorder.

Now, if it were just me, I would be done. Whatfuckingever. My husband really really really wanted one. Being in the video game business, one would fantasize that it would be easier to get new consoles, and in some cases it is, but the timing of his recent job change kept him from getting one from his old company, and it was too late to arrange to get one through the new company. He really wanted a Wii, and I really like to provide him what he wants.

Now, we might not see eye to eye on the exact point of when we get so annoyed with the whole purchasing process that it is time to simply say fuck it and wait until they are available everywhere easily, much less when to get so irritated that we wait until the fucking things can be found on clearance. However, we at least agree that we should not need to buy bundles that include shit that we don’t want. We should not have to wait out overnight, and we sure as fucking hell should not pay over retail.

The night prior to launch found me, disturbingly, teaching my daughter how to purchase something online so that she could man at midnight while we went out to a 24 hour Walmart. No joy. Launch morning saw me hitting Target, TRU, Best Buy and Circuit City as well as continuing to try to order from Amazon and trying to get a order. Nothing anywhere except an increasingly pissed off me.

Now if everybody was buying one for themselves, it would be one thing, but the whole purchasing them to make a profit on ebay, while taking them away from people that just want to play, gets on my fucking nerves. I am even further fucking irritated by the dumbfuck parents who are so worried about putting what their spoiled brat wants under the tree for the dumbass holiday, that they will pay above retail on ebay. Not only do they encourage the asshole ebay hoarding behavior, but they just add to the fuckedupedness of their kids. This wouldn’t be so bad if they would just keep the kids in their basement forever, but they insist on letting them out of the house.

So a couple of weeks have been spent, checking online multiple times a day, stopping by stores, making phone calls, and with each bit of effort expended my interest in the Wii has further waned. It is not a unique piece of artwork, or even a limited edition print. It is a consumer electronics item. I don’t like Nintendo fucking around with availability and I dislike the retailers fucking around with it even more. Get a shipment in and put it on sale, don’t hold it over for a certain date so you can create buzz and lines. Nothing like launching a product and quickly leading me to dislike all the companies involved within a short amount of time. Impressive.

The online reports told me to once again expect limited quantities available this morning, so once again we woke up early and headed out into the foul holiday shopping world. The first store at 10 minutes before opening, the line outside was too long to even bother stopping. The second we drove past wasn’t opening for 2 hours and we were not going to wait that long. The third place we got to 15 minutes after opening, so we parked and went inside to see what was up. In the electronics department there was a line. They had 33 units and had handed out 33 tickets. We decided to lurk. A couple had 2 tickets but one of them had to leave for work and it was taking them forbloodyever to check people out, so the man had to bail and gave me his ticket. Another couple had seen the line and hopped in, they had no idea what for. When they finally got close enough that they saw what it was for, they didn’t want it. They gave one ticket to a lady who was there with her boyfriend. The other they gave to our friend. Our third friend did not luck out. We waited through all 33 sales in case somebody had a bad credit card situation.

So now we have a Wii. My husband is happy. My daughter is happy. I am relieved to be done looking, but I am not happy. I am still irritated.

On the PS3 he is just going to have to wait. I don’t want to set foot in a store until after the holidays are over.

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