Anyone have a taser I can borrow?

Me: teens are invading my house
Me: well at least one is
Me: and that feels a lot like way too many
Friend: ew
Me: it also means I have to put on pants
Friend: if you stop buying pants
Friend: eventually
Friend: you won’t have any to put on
Me: and then I could refuse to allow the teens over, for their sake, and legal reasons
Me: teen is IMing me telling me he is heading over soon
Me: guess he did not forget
Friend: wth, you let BOYS in???
Me: well
Me: they like video games
Me: and make less noise
Me: and they talk about clothes and boys less
Me: they smell worse…
Me: and eat more
Me: it is a toss up
Me: woohoo
Me: I put on pants – and now, not only am I less embarrassing to my daughter for when her friend arrives.
Me: I found $25 cash in the pocket!
Friend: hmm
Friend: maybe I should put pants on
Me: these are like the best pants ever
Friend: really
Me: of course the teen instigator of this pant wearing
Me: will eat more than $25 worth of food
Friend: don’t feed him
Friend: they just keep coming back if you feed them
Me: don’t you think he might become dangerous if I don’t feed him?
Friend: keep a taser handy

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