Yesterday I was driving home in the carpool lane. I was not going under the speed limit, but apparently I was going way too slow for the guy coming up behind me. He zoomed up right on my ass, popped out of the carpool lane, whipped past and then rapidly pulled back into the carpool lane directly in front of me, requiring me step on my brakes. He did this over the double yellow line. This is not an unusual occurrence at all. I see people use the carpool lanes illegally often. This time was a little different. The motorcycle that had been following behind that car raced past me too and then flipped on the flashing colored lights. It was rather startling. I see people do illegal things all the time, often right in front of a police officer, but I almost never see anyone pulled over. I am always curious about the people I see already pulled over. What on earth were they doing that actually caught the attention of a police officer, since LA traffic seems to mainly be a perpetual moving violation machine.

The car began to pull over right away, making his way across all the lanes of traffic to get to the shoulder. This annoyed one of the other drivers who tried to whip around and almost succeeded in running over the police officer, who resorted to turning on his siren to get the lady to actually take a visual survey of the lane she was moving into.

Now if Mr. Zoomy-CutYouOff-DoubleYellowJumping Dude had done that without an officer around, I would have wished a pox upon his house. Seeing him pulled over though, turned out to be completely unsatisfying. Absolutely no “Ha!” at all. How disappointing.

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