Cuteness Saves Lives

My precious babies have all reached the Piranha Puppy stage of development.

Too bad I am not into body piercings.

It is a very good reminder why I do not want to keep all of them myself, even though I kind of still want to keep all of them myself. Luckily, even if I went insane, the rescue would keep me from making that mistake.

doggy bag.


I am really, very fond of each of them.

Mindy is very sweet and full of snuggles. She likes to play with toys and her litter-mates, but is usually the first to break off and head for lap time.

Darby is the most adventurous of them. She is clever and a bit demanding. I think she’ll do best with an experienced dog owner, and would also do better in a home with another dog, to help keep her from getting bored.

Webster is a Zen Apprentice puppy. Mind you, he has not mastered Zen, for he is still very much a puppy, but there is a little stream of calm that appears to run through him. He is very food motivated, which might explain his size and pleasant plumpness.

Unfortunately all three pups have loose stool again.


What? You thought you might escape without a poo comment? Wrong blog. So, back to the food tweaking for me.

New and Fluffy
Trash Talk


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