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I am up and dealing with insurance. This requires talking on the phone.

My insurance company has a way to file claims online, but I can’t use it because I am not signed up for it. I was signed up for it with all my California policies, but it did not automatically add my new MN policies, even though it always automatically added my new CA policies, and both office definitely know about each other and share information. If something is done in another state, you must specifically request that policies in the other state be added to your online account. I did not know that. Nobody mentioned it. I made the request on Friday, but it still has not been verified and approved.

Minnesota is a No Fault for personal injuries state. I should have already known that, and probably had read it someplace in the billions of things I’ve read, but it had not stuck.

What this means is that I need to deal with two separate claims. This means twice as much effort and more importantly twice as many phone calls.


Today I am going to try the day with only my supersized dose of ibuprofen and skipping the muscle relaxants. If I get to be in too much pain, I will adjust, but that is my plan for today. I will probably take both at night to help me sleep more comfortably.

I am really missing CA today. Specifically, I am missing being near the people I would be near if I were in CA. But, I’m not in CA, and that’s okay. I’ll just practice my breathing and do what I need to do. I think I can get away with one more day of not grocery shopping.

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