WTF is with “service windows”? I provide customer service for people. I do admit to allowing myself some slop. Los Angeles traffic being what it is, I tell usually tell them a half hour window during which they can expect me to arrive. If I am traveling from another client’s location, which could make me even less precise (because everything always takes longer than it should), I tell them ahead of time that I might need to be flexible, and I keep them informed. If they’d rather have a more concrete appointment I offer them one later in the week.

However it is common for all manner of companies to expect me to wait around for 4 (or sometimes even more) hour windows so that they can annoy me and charge me money. It is rare for them to have any process to contact me and narrow it down further or keep me informed. I am just supposed to wait, and hope they don’t suck too much when they show up.

Today I am waiting for somebody. The window was 8 AM – Noon. It is almost 1 PM. They have not arrived. They have not called.

They have a FOUR HOUR time window, and they can’t fucking manage to hit it.

EDIT: A little after 3 PM they called to say they could not make it today, and will come tomorrow morning.

Saviors Need Not Apply


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