Happy Chinese New Year


Forecast from – the bold portion emphasized by me:

“Pig’s Yearly Horoscope

Pig Overview

The Pig is the last of the 12 signs, so maybe it should not come as a surprise that the Pig just can’t catch a break. True it’s your year, but unfortunately there are many unlucky stars in your palace.¬†That 49% rating is an average that masks the fact you are likely to have some very good and bad luck this year.

You only have two extremely good months this year, although you have many good to very good ones. You may not have a lot of great opportunities, but there should be plenty of decent ones. Water — your fixed element — and Fire spell disaster, so don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Pig Rating

49% (6 favorable and 6 unfavorable months)

Pig Career

Steady progress is your most likely outcome. Those Pigs in academia, however, could really shine.

Pig Relationships

It’s a wonderful time for family, including a new addition. Your love life should show some improvement. Certainly your passions are going to be aroused. The single Pig is likely to find a new love interest.

Pig Health

Alas, Fire and Water (your fixed element) spell disaster. Actually we’re not talking disaster here, but we are talking problems. Either an existing condition is likely to worsen, or you could find yourself with a new issue. Stress and high blood pressure are two possible candidates.

Pig Wealth

It’s ironic that the Pig brings luck to many other signs but not to itself. You’re not really in danger of a big loss, but don’t buy any lottery tickets, either.”

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