Help Find Char’s Forever Home

I had beautiful Char over for a visit today. She is such a terrific dog, and the right match for her has STILL not been found. This makes me sad. Both because I know she deserves her very own family, but also because somewhere there is a person who is missing out on this dog.

We had a wonderful visit. Indy had a great time playing with her. Indy has been a bit bummed since Bear left us. The puppies don’t cut it for stimulation. The fostering thing is a balance. The foster dogs help keep Indy active, but if they won’t give her a break when she needs one, that becomes problematic. Char is nice to her, but doesn’t want to back off and let her rest when she needs her rest, and at almost 16 years old, my poor geriatric dog needs her rest. Playdates are the perfect solution with a dog like Char. She is playful and works to engage Indy. Indy spends some time playing, and then Char goes back to her foster home.

As nice as it is to visit with her, Char really needs to find her people.

Surely there is somebody out there who enjoys lots of hikes and a good long game of fetch. Somebody who would like to provide Char with snuggles and kibble and a good supply of toys. Please help Char find that person. Let her have a rescue story. She is very clever and would like to be trained and given a mission.

Char is located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. This is her petfinder page.

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